Mi casa es tu casa

In Mexico, there is popular saying: "Mi casa es Tu casa". Greeting guests as to feel at home... I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new webpage! I am so excited to share with you so many products I grew up with and represent our vibrant and colorful culture. 
This journey started when I noticed my retired parents were starting to get bored, my sister had just married and they quickly became the poster children for empty nesters. My mom and I have always been a good team in regards to planning each family holiday party. She's a magician when it comes to setting the perfect table! So I proposed we start a family business.
The love of entertaining comes from both my grandmothers, they were both Mexican and loved to host the whole family regularly, (and when it's Mexican you know that's a lot of people).
My grandmother on my dad's side, used to travel to Europe once a year with my grandfather, she knew how to speak many languages, she loved to paint (I am lucky enough to have some of her works all throughout my house). But most of all she loved fine dining. 
On my mom's side, my grandmother was as lovable as they come. We used to live 2 hours away from her, so every time we visited she went all out! Her Christmas decorations equalled Clark Griswold's!! She was a master in the kitchen as well. Every Christmas she would start preparing and cooking weeks before. Kind of like my mom does now. 
I am lucky to have all these influences in my life, which have made me love to be a hostess, to my family, my kids and my friends. I feel my kids will always remember the love my mom and I put into their parties, graduations, holidays. Just like I remember my grandmothers.
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