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Papel Picado banner - hand painted white

Papel Picado banner - hand painted white

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Papel Picado literally means 'perforated paper' and is a very traditional banner that is used all over Mexico, to adorn weddings, churches, baptisms, quinceaneras, and fiestas. These banners are made of white tissue paper and hand painted in bright colors, representative of Mexico.

Each banner is handmade out of tissue paper. Each flag is then glued to the string and assembled by hand to create the garland.
Each flag depicts folk art images: birds, flowers, sun, food and nature. The bright and lively colors represent the vibrant and rich culture that is Mexico!

  • Large size. Each banner has 10 hand painted flags.
  • Each banner is 18' feet long.
  • Each flag is 19" x 13".
  • Ships in 1-3 business days! 
  • Handmade in Mexico.
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